December 8, 2022

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Corona Crisis: PM Modi convenes cabinet meeting, can take some tough decisions

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Coronavirus Outbreak in India. The Union Council of Ministers is scheduled to meet on Friday through video conferencing under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The meeting is expected to discuss the deepening corona crisis in the country. The Union Council of Ministers is meeting for the first time after the second wave of Corona arrives. Significantly, even before this, the Prime Minister has held several meetings with the Chief Ministers in the wake of the epidemic. The Prime Minister has also discussed with the government officials, heads of the pharmaceutical industry, oxygen suppliers, heads of the three armies, etc. about the modalities of dealing with the Kovid-19 epidemic in relation to the corona epidemic.

Prime Minister Modi has also discussed with the army chief

Before the cabinet meeting to be held today, Prime Minister Modi had a meeting with Army Chief General MM Narwane on the epidemic itself and took stock of the Army’s preparations. During the meeting, the Army Chief told the Prime Minister that the Army has deployed its medical staff in the service of the State Governments and has started building temporary hospitals in different parts of the country. Prime Minister Modi tweeted, “reviewed the efforts being made by the Indian Army in the war against covid-19”.

More than three lakhs are infected every day

Currently, the number of corona infected patients in the country is dropping above three lakh rupees per day. At the same time, India has also started getting oxygen cylinders, concentrators and other medical aid from other countries of the world.

Record broken again, 3.86 lakh new cases in the country

The number of new cases in the country is increasing every next day amid the increasing infection of Corona. As of 12 pm on Thursday night, more than 3.86 lakh cases had been reported in the country. Significantly, the statistics of corona infection in the country are setting new records every day. During the last 24 hours, 3498 people have also died, of which Maharashtra has the highest number of deaths.

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