November 30, 2021

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Corona update in India

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Things are getting worse in the country due to Corona. On Thursday, the corona report of 81,398 people came positive, 50,384 patients were cured and 468 people died. In this way, the number of active cases,  patients being treated, increased by 30,543 in a single day. The number of new cases on Thursday was the highest since October 1. Then there were 81,785 cases. The death toll also crossed 450. A day before this, 458 people died.

So far, about 1.23 crore people have been affected by this epidemic. About 1.15 crore have been cured. 1.63 lakhs have lost their lives. Now active cases have increased to 6.10 lakhs. These figures are taken from

Corona Updates …

The Russian Corona vaccine Sputnik-V will have to wait longer for emergency use in India. In the meeting of the Subject Expert Committee (SEC) on Thursday, more data has been sought from Dr. Reddy’s. Dr. Reddy’s has completed its two phase trial in India. The company is currently working on a third phase trial.

Actor Alia Bhatt has also become Corona positive after actor Ranbir Kapoor. Bigg Boss fame actress Monalisa’s name has been added to the corona-infected celebrities after master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan, Karthik Aryan, Vikrant Massey, Manoj Bajpayee, Bappi Lahiri, Tara Sutaria.

In view of increasing cases of corona infection, the Railways has canceled the Tejas Express running between Ahmedabad to Mumbai Central from April 2 to May 2.

Amidst growing cases of corona in the country, the central government has instructed to conduct vaccination daily in April. The Center has asked the states to make arrangements to vaccinate people at government and private centers, even on the official holiday.

The state of 6 major states …

1. Maharashtra: New infectious figures cross 40,000

On Thursday, 43,183 new patients were found. 32,641 patients recovered and 249 died. So far 28.56 lakh people have been affected by this epidemic in the state. Of these, 24.33 lakh people have recovered, while 54,898 have died. Currently, 3.66 lakh people are being treated here.

2. Punjab: After 6 days, the newly infected again crosses 3,000.

On Thursday, 3,161 new patients were found. 2,291 recovered, while 58 died. So far, 2.42 lakh people have been affected by the epidemic in the state. Of these, 2.11 lakh have been cured, while 6,926 have died. Currently 24,644 people are undergoing treatment.

3. Delhi: New cases close to 3,000

There were 2,790 new cases here on Thursday. 1,121 patients recovered and 9 infected died. So far, 6.65 lakh people have been affected by this epidemic, 6.43 lakh have been cured and 11,036 have lost their lives. Currently 10,498 are undergoing treatment.

4. Madhya Pradesh: Active case beyond 18 thousand

2,546 new patients were found here on Thursday. 1,573 people were cured, while 12 died. So far 2.98 lakh people have been affected by this epidemic in the state. Of these, 2.76 lakh have been cured, while 3,998 have died. Currently 18,057 people are undergoing treatment.

5. Gujarat: Active case figures close to 13,000

On Thursday, 2,410 new corona patients were found. 2,015 patients recovered, while 9 died. So far, 3.08 lakh people have been affected by the epidemic in the state. Of these, 2.92 lakh have been cured, while 4,528 patients have died and currently 12,996 people are undergoing treatment.

6. Rajasthan: Active case figures cross 9,000

1,350 infected were identified here on Thursday. 446 patients recovered and 4 people died. So far, 3.34 lakh patients have been affected by the epidemic in the state. Of these, 3.22 lakh have been cured, while 2,822 have lost their lives. Currently, 9,563 patients are undergoing treatment.

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