September 29, 2022

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Bad condition of Delhi: Sonu Sood told the truth about the health system, he said – 70% of those seeking help are from here.

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    The corona virus outbreak in India has been steadily increasing. The health system has completely collapsed due to the dreaded infection that has spread rapidly. People are worried about hospitals, beds, oxygen and ICUs. In this hour of national crisis, many people are helping in their own way. Actor Sonu Sood has been engaged in the corona patients and victims for over a year continuously. Sonu, who constantly helped people through social media, has now told the condition of Delhi’s health system.

The actor has shared a post on his social media account Twitter. He wrote that ‘Today, 27538 people sought help for oxygen, beds and medicines. 70% of these were from Delhi. 20% of Uttar Pradesh and 10% of people from all over India. It must end. ‘

Let me tell you that Sonu Sood had shared a post earlier also, in which he appealed to the government to come forward. They are constantly providing help to the people, but during this time they are also sorry to leave some people. For this, he shared a video and appealed to all the state governments to come forward.

Actor Sonu Sood shared a video on Instagram on Saturday, in which he said, ‘Namaskar, I want to share a small anecdote with you. By three o’clock last night I was trying to get someone a bed. We also got him a bed. Then his struggle for ventilators began. By morning we also arranged for a ventilator.

Sonu further explained that ‘Still he could not escape. After this, the problem occurred again for the funeral. They had no money. No place was found for the funeral. After this, we also arranged for his funeral. During this time a thought came to my mind. Today every person of the country, whether poor or rich, his struggle starts from home. It then continues until oxygen, then hospital, then beds, then ICU, ventilator and crematorium. I appeal to all my government to make such a rule that the last rites do not cost money. This service should be made available to all soon. ‘

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