December 8, 2022

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Children will move forward in life by reading the biography of comedy star Kapil Sharma

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Kapil Sharma is a well-known actor in the TV industry who used to make people laugh on TV and social media. They are now a part of children’s syllabus after TV and social media. Yes, by now you must have read Uncle Chaudhary and other stories in comics as well as stories of bravery and courage of freedom fighters.

The children will now also read Kapil Sharma there, Kapil will be able to take inspiration from his life in a chapter of GK in 4th class. This good news was made by Kapil Sharma himself by sharing a post with his fans on his Instagram story. A picture shared by Kapil Sharma has been posted by one of his fan clubs, which shows Kapil’s chapter printed in the book. Kapil shared the title of the chapter.

Kapil has worked hard all his life. He has mentioned this many times before. Kapil also sang in his mother’s wake. After a long struggle on TV, he made a name for himself and his career started with stand-up comedy and today he does not need any recognition.

Kapil has done shows in almost all the major cities of the world for which he charges a hefty fee. Today, Bollywood celebrities visit her shows and promote their films. Kapil Sharma’s popular TV show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ was closed from February this year. Viewers and their fans are disappointed after the show closed. Hopefully the show will be on air again soon.

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