December 6, 2022

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Singer Aujla embroiled in controversy

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Pollywood singers and stars are as famous for their work as they are for their controversies. Speaking of the latest case, singer Karan Aujla has been embroiled in controversy. In fact, Karan Aujla had reached Ludhiana Jail yesterday. Meanwhile, Karan Aujla was not checked and his phone was not deposited. Aujla had reached Ludhiana Jail with a convoy of his vehicles. Meanwhile, he was sitting in the jail superintendent’s room.

The jail superintendent said Karan Aujla was a close friend of his son, which is why he was invited for lunch. Karan Aujla was taken inside the jail without any checking and the doors were locked. There are other facts coming to light in the wake of this case, drug smuggler Gurdeep Rano is lodged in Ludhiana Jail. Taking the whole matter seriously, the ADGP has ordered an inquiry.

Singer Aujla’s convoy of vehicles entered the Central Jail on Tajpur Road in the same manner as a senior jail official. Which protocol was breached will be seriously investigated.

No one is allowed to enter the jail complex without checking. Upon hearing the news of singer Aujla’s arrival in the jail complex, many of her fans started taking selfies with her, ignoring the corona rules. Not only did this violate the Corona rules, but the prison security staff also remained silent at the reception of their special guest.

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