August 17, 2022

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This actress romanced on screen with her real brother, there was a ruckus

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One of the comedians of Hindi cinema who used to get more fees than the hero of the film, his name was Mehmood. Almost his entire family belonged to films. Very few people would know that, like Mahmud, his sister has also been a famous actress in Hindi films. Meenu Mumtaz was born on 26 April 1942.

Meenu was interested in art since childhood. For this, he took dance training. At the same time, Devika Rani gave the first break to Meenu Mumtaz in Hindi cinema. She hired Meenu Mumtaz as a dancer in the Bombay Talkies.

Meenu started her career with Diwali in the 1955 film Ghar Ghar. In this film, she played the role of a dancer living in the village. However, she got recognition from the film Sakhi Hatim. In this, she played the role of a mermaid.

In the 1958 film Howrah Bridge, Meenu Mumtaz romanced with her real brother Mahmood. At that time, many people were enraged by the onscreen romance of the siblings. But in this film, Meenu Mumtaz’s pairing with comedian Johnny Walker was very good. After this, both of them worked together in many films. Meenu did many side roles besides comedy. At the same time, if I talk about the personal life of Meenu Mumtaz, she married the film director Syed Ali Akbar in the year 1963.

Mumtaz was given the name Meenu by her sister-in-law Meena Kumari. One day suddenly, darkness appeared before Meenu’s eyes. Her memory also went away. After which the doctor said that she had a tumor in her brain for 15 years.She also underwent an operation and saved her life. She currently lives in Canada.

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