December 6, 2022

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Use social media with caution and restraint

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Today Internet access is available not only on computers but also on mobiles. Today, social media is used as a status symbol of necessity. Many websites have been created to increase the interaction between the people, which have been named as social sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Line and Viber. These sites allow one person to open an account and interact with other users, and people can share text messages, photos, and videos with each other. In addition, many social networking sites offer free internet access.

For the last two decades there has been talk of computer addiction but now smartphones have infiltrated our daily lives without which we cannot escape. This technological advancement has given us a new addiction / disorder of selfie culture. How many people have lost their precious lives while taking selfies in dangerous ways. For a good and comfortable life, it is important not to overuse anything.

In today’s world, as soon as an event or accident happens, the news of it spreads like wildfire through social media. Sometimes such lies are spread to spread rumors and mislead the public. Editing a photo, video, or information can be disguised and provocative. False and inflammatory statements about the death of a great personality or a religion or caste are spread. There is a huge increase in cyber crimes which have a deadly effect on society.

Excessive use of social media networking sites on the Internet not only leads to addiction but also causes a variety of health problems. Problems such as brain and ear tumors, heart disease, high blood pressure, migraines and obesity can occur. It further leads to obesity and diabetes. In addition to these dangers, mobile phones are also a major cause of accidents while driving. Children are diagnosed with autism at an early age. Excessive use of social media has also eroded relationships and love in relationships. Family members live in the same house as strangers.

Newspaper headlines are often read almost daily, in which many young people are exposed to financial, sexual, and emotional damage. Most of them are girls. So before contacting anyone, it is important to know about them. Do not share your personal life, photos and videos or anything related to your bank account with an unknown and unreliable person. By creating fake accounts, such people pretend to be foreigners or big businessmen and also prey on housewives and men. Friendships are not as easy as they seem on social media.

There are a few things to keep in mind when making friends on social media. Connecting with people you already know on social media is no problem. If you are going to make friends with others or strangers, it is important to know them well first. Only then should any kind of information be exchanged, which can be safe for everyone. So check out what kind of posts they share on their social wall, what their background is, whether your interests match each other. After all, if it seems appropriate, make friends, or step back. Stranger friends need to be kept in check later. Sometimes what is seen is not what it seems, its reality can be known quickly.

If social media is used to protect our environment from being polluted, to raise awareness against social evils and to highlight social problems, it can change the face of our society. There is a need to use social media wisely. It was designed to facilitate our interaction and not to harm each other. So use social media but with caution and restraint.

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