December 6, 2022

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3 Rafale aircraft are coming in Indian airforce

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Three Rafael combat aircraft will arrive in India from France this evening. These aircraft will be supplied to the skies in the Gulf of Oman by UAE’s Airbus 330 multi-role transport tankers. These three aircraft will join the Golden Arrows Squadron at Ambala Air Force Station. As soon as these three aircraft reach Ambala, the number of Rafale planes present in India will increase to 14. The next consignment of Rafale planes will reach India by mid-April. The Indian Air Force will form the second squadron of Rafale aircraft, which will be deployed at the Hashimara airbase in West Bengal. A squadron consists of 18 aircraft. India has signed a total of 36 Rafale fighter jets from France. The first consignment of Rafale aircraft in India reached India on 29 July last year. India and France have signed 36 Rafale aircraft for 59000 crore rupees.

After buying Sukhoi aircraft from Russia, the Rafale aircraft deal is the second major deal of fighter aircraft with India by any country. Rafale is a 4.5 generation fighter aircraft. It is equipped with airborne reconnaissance, precision warhead, anti-ship and nuclear-rich weapons with dual engine omnirolls. The country’s air capacity has increased tremendously with Rafael joining the Air Force. The multi-purpose role managed Rafael aircraft are known to attack accurately and dominate the airspace.

Rafale aircraft are capable of carrying many powerful weapons. Beyond airborne air-to-air (BVRAM) European missile manufacturer MBDA’s Meteor missile and Scalp cruise missile will be the mainstay of the weapons package of Rafale aircraft. Of the 36 Rafale aircraft, 30 will be combat aircraft and six will be training aircraft. The training aircraft will have two seats and will have almost all the characteristics of a fighter aircraft.

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