September 29, 2022

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6 crores to be given from the state exchequer to run Netaji’s social media account

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The Maharashtra government will now give 6 crore rupees from the government treasury to run the social media account of its deputy CM Ajit Pawar.

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government, which is facing a cash crisis, will now provide Rs 6 crore from the state exchequer to run the social media account of its deputy CM Ajit Pawar. Ajit Pawar also has the responsibility of the Finance and Planning Department. According to the Times of India news, orders were issued on behalf of the administration in this regard on Wednesday.

The letter, signed by RN Mussell, the Under Secretary of the General Administration Department, mentions the handing over of social media accounts to an external agency by Ajit Pawar. Through this, the decisions and other information are taken by Ajit Pawar could reach the people.

According to this order, the agency will handle all social media platforms including Ajit Pawar’s Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, Instagram. The selection of the agency will be decided based on advice from the Deputy Chief Minister Secretariat and the Directorate General, Information and Public Relations.

In this order, it has been said that there is a shortage of professionals in the information and public relations department and people are not technically skilled enough to handle this kind of work.

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