August 8, 2022

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Arvind Kejriwal announced an emergency meeting in Delhi

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As the corona cases reaches its peak in national capital with the rise of 1200 new cases in just one day. The city was observing 1500 cases in the last few days. This rapid growth in corona cases compelled the government to seek for a action in return.

However, this sudden growth leaves the authorities in great trouble. So, Delhi CM has called for an emergency meeting in the wake of increasing corona cases today. All the official members and the health minister are said to be present in the meeting. In this meeting, they will discuss the measures to prevent the increasing corona cases.

Moreover, the government officials limit the guests number in the wedding this week to 200 people in open spaces and 100 in closed ones. Also, 50 people to attend the funerals till the 30th of April.

Meanwhile, the third phase of the Covid-19 vaccination has begin in Delhi on Thursday. In this phase more than 65 lakh people aged above 45 will get their first dose of corona virus vaccine.

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