August 17, 2022

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At the request of more than 40,000 people who came to Sonu Sood in one day, the actor said – it will take 14 years to help everyone.

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Sonu Sood has told that he got so much help in one day that it is not possible for him to reach everyone.

The second wave of coronavirus has shaken the whole of India. There is chaos everywhere. In such a situation, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is constantly helping the needy. They are arranging everything from beds to oxygen in hospitals. Along with this, he is also very active on social media. People also ask him for help on Twitter. The actors not only answer them but leave no stone unturned to provide help. Now Sonu has told that she got so much help in one day that he can’t reach everyone.

Sonu Sood tweeted- ‘Yesterday I received about 41660 requests. We are trying our best to help all of them, which we cannot do. If I try to reach all of them, it will take me 14 years which means 2035.’

Let us tell you that Sara Ali Khan also supported Sonu Sood in this fight against Corona. Sonu recently thanked Sara for her contribution to her foundation. Sara recently contributed to the Sood Charity Foundation for Kovid-19 relief amid the second wave of viruses. He wrote on Twitter, “Thank you so much to my beloved Sara Ali Khan for your contribution to the Etuderate Sudfoundation. Proud of you and keep up the good work. You have come forward to help and help the youth of the nation during these difficult times To be inspired. You’re a hero, Etdarret Saraaliakhan.”

Earlier in the day, Sonu gave the information of the death of a youth named Bharti from Covid on his social media. A few days ago, Sonu helped take the critically ill Bharti from Nagpur to Hyderabad for advanced treatment.

“Bharti is a young girl from Nagpur who I took to Hyderabad on an air ambulance, who passed away recently. Rest in Power My Dear Bharti. You fought like a full-fledged tigress on an Elmo machine last month. Even if I have never met you. Sonu said in her Instagram note, “You will always be in my heart. My condolences to his entire family. I am going to see him very soon. “He captioned his post,” This world will always remember you.”

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