October 5, 2022

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Biden proposes strategic stability dialogue with Russia hours after slapping sanctions

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US President Joe Biden has proposed a strategic stability dialogue with Moscow, hours after 10 Russian diplomats were expelled concerning interference in last year’s US presidential elections.

Hours after expelling 10 Russian diplomats in connection with interference in last year’s US presidential elections, President Joe Biden has proposed a strategic stability dialogue with Moscow, as officials of the two countries discussed the possibility of a summit meeting in Europe this summer.

On Thursday, The US announced the expulsion of 10 Russian diplomats and slapped sanctions on over 30 individuals and key financial institutions as it held the Kremlin accountable for interference in last year’s presidential election and the hacking of American federal agencies. Hours after signing the executive order imposing sanctions on its erstwhile cold war rival, Biden told reporters at the White House that during a telephonic conversation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, he had proposed that they meet in person this summer in Europe for a summit to address a range of issues facing both the countries.

“Our teams are discussing that possibility right now. And if that summit were to occur, and I believe it will, the United States and Russia could launch a strategic stability dialogue to follow cooperation in arms control and security,” Biden said.

“We can address critical global obstacles that require Russia and the United States to work together, including reining in nuclear threats from Iran and North Korea, ending this (COVID-19) pandemic globally, and meeting the existential crisis of climate change,” he said.

Biden said during the campaign for the presidency, he was unequivocal that if elected president he would respond to any attempt to influence the elections.

“I told him if it turned out that I thought that there was the participation in our elections that I would respond. Later during the transition as we learned more about the SolarWinds cyber intrusion I made clear that I’d respond once we determined who had in fact conducted a hack on the scope and scale that occurred,” he said.

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