September 29, 2022

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CBSE Class 11: Forget Science, Art, Commerce… Students can take subjects of their choice

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has set a policy for cancelling the 10th class examinations and their results. The board has also issued a notification regarding the selection of subjects for class 11. Know-How can you take the subject combination this time in the 11th.

Children are most confused about the selection of subjects and streams for class 11. The most frequently asked question is, “Can students choose any subject combination of subjects in class 11? Then please let us know that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) also gives the option to choose different subjects for its choice.

In such a situation, the main question that arises in the mind of the students is, can they choose subjects like Mathematics and Biology or Physics together with History? The answer is yes, and it is not a new option offered by CBSE, in fact, it has been offered for many years.

Another question is, will schools allow students to choose these subjects? The answer for this is that schools will allow subjects for which they have subject teachers. That is why the student takes the combination of the traditional subject in the 11th. Now the next question is whether students can choose a subject even when their school does not have teachers for that particular subject or they cannot make arrangements for the class as they follow the Streamwise section?

In response to the previous question, tell us that even then a student can opt for a paper and study that department, for that he can register for his board examination. So students can choose a language in any combination and any of the four elective subjects, provided it is taught in school. An additional 6th of the subjects offered by the board can also be chosen and read on its own according to the prescribed syllabus.

That is, students can now choose Geography, Political Science etc. along with Mathematics. At the same time, students who had taken the standard Mathematics subject in the 10th standard, they had taken the standard Mathematics subject in the 11th, they will also be able to take Math in the 11th standard. According to the notification, the students who failed in class X will be allowed to remain in class XI till the conduct of compartment examinations.

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