November 29, 2022

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Central Vista: 16,000 vehicles will be parked in the new Parliament House, there is increased concern about traffic

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The new Parliament building being constructed under the Central Vista project will have space to park 16,000 vehicles. However, members of civil society have expressed concern over increased traffic.

The new Parliament complex and buildings being constructed under the Central Vista Parijoyana will have the facility to park at least 16,000 vehicles. This means that traffic can emerge as a major problem here. Vastu Advisor of the project said that adequate measures will be taken to ensure that congestion and traffic movement do not get impacted.

According to the news published in Hindustan Times, an English newspaper, parking space for 14095 vehicles will be provided in the Common Central Secretariat buildings, Central Conference Center, SPG, Prime Minister’s Housing and Vice-President’s building, according to the Central Public Works Department handling the project.

Of this, 13,719 will be in the Common Central Secretariat Building and Conference Centre. In addition, the consultant informed that a parking facility will be developed along Central Vista Avenue for more than one thousand cars and about 30 buses. Currently, 600 cars can be parked here.

According to information received by the HCP, there will be ground and basement parking for about 900 vehicles in the new Parliament House and proposed MP chambers. Currently, about 9,000 people working from the offices behind North Block and South Block will be brought to offices outside the Central Vista area.

However, members of civil society say that this project will increase the existing traffic congestion. According to the Delhi Traffic Police, the traffic volume on the C-Hexagon at India Gate is around 5500 passenger car units per hour. Explain that the average traffic speed before the epidemic was 40–45 kph.

At the same time, members of civil society say that the government should make public the traffic impact assessment public. A senior CPWD official said they have done a detailed study on this and submitted their proposal for traffic improvement to the Unified Traffic and Transportation Infrastructure Center, the apex body, and approves all transport and traffic-related projects in Delhi.

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