October 25, 2021

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Disappointed Indian American Kamala Harris on prolonged silence in India’s bad times – says she did not expect such a thing

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Finally, American Vice President Kamala Devi Harris has broken her silence on the Corona catastrophe in India. He said in an effective Asian American group on Monday that the ever-increasing deaths from Kovid in India are nothing short of a shock. At such a time, America is standing strong with its friend.

On April 28, the Biden administration announced India’s aid of over 750 crores. The Biden administration has given Kamala Harris an important responsibility to strengthen Indian relations. Nevertheless, as the Indian health system began to collapse due to the corona, the Harris and Biden administrations responded with a slow response.

In such a situation, the absence of the Vice President was clearly felt by the people. “Chittis need help,” says Dr Priya Sampathkumar, an infectious disease specialist at the Mayo Clinic. Harris used the Tamil word chittis (aunt) to thank Indian women during the swearing-in ceremony.

On April 25, a brief statement was issued by Harris on the crisis saying, “We are praying for the people of India.” The United States later announced its help. It is not surprising that many Indian-Americans are very disappointed and saddened by this attitude. Priya Nagarjuna, an Indian American doctor in the Kamala Harris’ state of California, says, “He took very late steps to help India.”

I am not saying that Kamala should have become a fast champion because of India. All I am saying is that she kept pretending to be associated with the Indian heritage during the entire election. Over four weeks, at least thousands of Indians have died. Even in his state of Tamil Nadu, the situation is bad. He should have spoken. But she remained calm.

Even many Indian-American MPs like Prema Jaipal, Ro Khanna, Raja Krishnamurthy continued to strongly voice in front of the Biden administration. US Senator Bernie Sanders also voiced. But Kamala Harris remained calm. ‘Like Nagarjuna, the 48 lakh Indian diaspora in America is deeply worried and disappointed. Because almost every Indian American family has lost a loved one in Kovid. In this time of despair, Indian Americans are sending all possible help to India at their level. Are funding.

Sending oxygen concentrators. Biden is pressuring the administration to remove the patent on the vaccine. Parvez Ahmed, who arrived in Madurai and settled in New York, says the Biden administration hesitated to help. My family voted for him. In this bad time, Indian Americans want the Vice President to be the voice of Indians battling Covid. The anger of many Indian Americans against Kamala Harris is significant, as they are very popular in this category.

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