August 8, 2022

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Former JNU professor refuses to vaccinate covid-19, find out the surprising reason

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 The second phase of corona vaccination in the country is starting from May 1. But Chaman Lal, former dean of Punjab University and former professor of JNU, has refused to take the vaccine. He has written a letter to the Chief Minister of Punjab explaining the reasons behind this. “At age 74, I should be vaccinated for covid-19 as it is medically appropriate,” he wrote in the letter. However, I have some objections personally and socially. Because of this, I have not been vaccinated yet and I am still hesitant. Because of this, I want to express here.

“I hope the focus will be on saving thousands of lives through vaccination.” But my biggest reason for not taking it is the certificate issued with the vaccination, in which the picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is forcibly and forcibly affixed.

He said that no other country in the world has a picture of any political leader on the vaccination certificate. This is a national campaign that should be signed and stamped by the health or medical officer of the concerned area. In India, we are issuing certificates to helpless citizens with a photo of the ruling leader. I condemn it, if you look, because of the policies of the ruling party and the criminal negligence that was the most horrific bombing of Corona’s deaths. This is especially true in the second wave of Kovid-19. Prof. Chamanlal said that after Prime Minister Modi came to power for the last seven years, he never tires of telling himself in every possible way. He expressed his opposition on 10 points in the letter and requested the Punjab government to remove the picture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the corona vaccine certificate being issued in the state.

He asked why the picture of the Prime Minister was important in the vaccination certificate. If it is necessary, they should also be included in the death certificate issued for death from Corona.

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