December 1, 2022

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Ground Report: Cities data is present, but there is no data of villages, is corona havoc really happening?

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The number of daily corona patients in the country has been declining for the last seven days. Apart from this, the havoc of Corona infection in the village is increasing. In such a situation, it is very difficult to believe that the speed of the second wave of Corona is actually slowing down.

Corona is wreaking havoc in the country. For the second consecutive day, the number of new infected fell below 3 lakh. These government figures have given relief, but more than four thousand deaths are being plastered on it every day. ICMR claims an average of 1.7 million tests nationwide, but it is unclear what the method of investigation is (RT-PCR, antigen rapid test and CT scan)? The important thing is that the government figures are mostly from urban areas. Apart from this, the situation in the villages is very bad. There are neither screening centres nor there is vaccination facility. Is Corona wreaking havoc on its own despite such turmoil? What is the situation in different areas of the country, know in this ground report…

What about the rest of the capital’s villages?

Nema and Pothahi, two villages in Patna, Bihar’s capital, are not yet ready to fight Corona. Neither the corona test facility is available here nor the villagers have any information about the vaccination. The people of the village say that Corona is named after the people, but no one can explain how to deal with and avoid it. When the conditions of Nema and Pothahi, the villages of the capital Patna, are similar, then the situation in the villages of the rest of the districts can be gauged by itself.

The population of 900, sample only of 25…

The method of corona investigation is quite different in many villages of UP. In the villages of several districts including Azamgarh, Jaunpur, Banaras, Sultanpur and Pratapgarh, the corona investigation is being done only in the name of investigation. About 900 people are living in the village Khalispur of Jaunpur. The villagers say that when Dr Saheb came to examine Corona, more than 200 people surrounded him. However, the doctor only had the means to investigate 25 people. He left his job in just 30 minutes and left the rest of the people suffering from cold and cold on his condition.

MP’s village is also suffering
The village of Union Minister of State General VK Singh is Bapoda, which comes in the Bhiwani district of Haryana. There are currently 30 people corona infected. More than 25 people of the village have lost their lives during the past 15 days, with four confirmed to have died from Corona. Considering the situation, an isolation centre has been set up in the village, but there is neither an ambulance nor an oxygen facility. This centre is dependent on a few medicines and 10 beds. The situation is so bad that the class in which the beds are kept, the class IV employee locks it and goes to his house.

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