January 17, 2022

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Health Minister’s remarks against Chhattisgarh unfortunate says, TS Singh Deo

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In his statement, Harsh Vardhan attacked the state and said some leaders from Chhattisgarh were spreading misinformation on vaccination.

Chhattisgarh health minister TS Singhdeo said he was ‘disappointed’ by Union minister Harsh Vardhan’s statement picking out some states for claiming that there was a coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccine shortage. “It’s an unfortunate statement. He had held a virtual meeting with the health ministers of 11 states the day before yesterday. He had said that we will work together. His statement soon after is very disappointing,” he said.

Vardhan said in a strongly worded statement that Chhattisgarh was seeing a “disproportionately higher number of deaths” in the last 2-3 weeks.

“Their testing remains heavily dependent on rapid antigen tests which is not a wise strategy,” the statement read.

“It’s right and niggling that mortality is increasing in the state but saying that vaccination isn’t being done here is false. Centre’s data show that Chhattisgarh is one of the top 4 states of the nation that have vaccinated more than 10 percent of its population,” Singhdeo added.

In his statement, Harsh Vardhan further lash out the state and said some leaders from Chhattisgarh were spreading ‘panic’ on vaccination.

“We have seen regular comments by leaders from Chhattisgarh that are predetermined to spread misinformation and panic on vaccination. I would like to humbly state that it would be better if the state government focuses its energies on the progress of health infrastructure rather than on petty politicking,” the statement read.

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