August 8, 2022

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In response to Manmohan’s letter to Modi, Harsh Vardhan accused Congress of doing politics

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On Sunday, the letter sent by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to PM Modi on the worsening state of the Corona epidemic has come from Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan in the Modi government.

Harsh Vardhan has written, “Respected Manmohan Singh Ji, Abhinandan! Hope you get well! I read your letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a sense of constructive cooperation in the fight against Corona.”

In this letter sent on Sunday, Manmohan Singh suggested that by speeding up the Covid vaccination campaign, the corona epidemic can be countered. To this, the Health Minister replied, “You have emphasized vaccination as an important weapon to fight Covid-19, which we believe. So India has started the world’s largest vaccination campaign. We are the most in the world.” Countries like fast 10, 11 and 12 crores have also been achieved. “

Government’s response to Congress

Dr Harsh Vardhan has written on this, “You have advised that we should look at the immunization figures in the percentage of the population rather than just the number, which is not wrong. However, I am sure that you would also like me to believe that it is your this advice that is applicable everywhere. Everyone, including the junior members of your party, should obey it. Obviously, the total number of corona cases, active cases and deaths should not be debated based on numbers, whereas the Congress party should always do so. Tries. But when it comes to the number of people taking the vaccine, they talk about it in terms of the percentage of the population.

The former Prime Minister wrote in his letter that he is confident that by adopting the right policy, we can give better and very quick results. He also gave many suggestions about the ongoing fight against the Corona epidemic.

On the other hand, Dr Harsh Vardhan has questioned the attitude of Congress-ruled states and party leaders in his answer.

Dr Harsh Vardhan wrote on this, “Doctor Singh, it is said that on one hand, you believe that vaccine is very important in the fight against Corona, but sitting in responsible positions in your party and your party’s governments in the states People don’t seem to agree with your opinion. Isn’t it a matter of pride for India that we are the only country that has developed two vaccines? “

He further wrote, “It is said that not a single senior member of your party has said a single word in such a situation in respect of the scientific groups and its manufacturers, who are making vaccines and empowering the world with vaccines.” Leave aside the thanksgiving, many Congress leaders and Congress-ruled states have shown an extraordinary interest in spreading lies about the vaccine’s effect. This has led to a reluctance among the people about the vaccine. In this way, the lives of our countrymen It is being played. A Chief Minister of your party has made a world record in the matter of confusion. He is the only head of the government who is openly inciting people against indigenous vaccines. “

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