December 8, 2022

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IPL 2021: MS Dhoni said on his strong fitness, this is my win

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Fans of MS Dhoni were quite happy to see their hero batting on the field on Monday. When 39-year-old Dhoni came on batting against Rajasthan Royals, he was able to play only 17 balls and he scored 18 runs with the help of 2 fours. But his fans got a glimpse of his fitness during this innings, for which Dhoni has always been famous. If Dhoni landed on the ground today, he could be run out as soon as he came, but he saved himself by diving. After this, Mahi collected these 18 runs with a fast run for some time. On his fitness after the match, he said that performance can never be guaranteed but there is a complete focus on fitness.

After giving a crushing defeat to Rajasthan Royals by 45 runs, when Chennai captain Dhoni arrived to talk about his team’s game, Harsha Bhogle asked him questions on his fitness as well. Dhoni, who was always visible behind the wicket, was ready in front of the wicket today. Harsha Bhogle questioned him on this fitness.

Dhoni’s answer to this once won the hearts of his fans. Mahi said, “When you are playing, you do not want someone to say that he is not fit.” Performance is one thing that cannot be guaranteed. I could not guarantee the performance even when I was 24 years old, and I still cannot give it when I am 40. Let me tell you that Dhoni’s age is 39 years and 287 days at present. He will celebrate his 40th birthday on 7 July.

After this, the most successful captain of the world said, ‘But at least if people are not able to point a finger at me about my fitness and cannot say that I am unfit, then it will be the biggest positive aspect for me.’ Said, ‘I have to establish myself with young players. And they are really very fast, it is nice to present a challenge in front of them. ‘

Apart from his fitness, he spoke on the match and said that in the half of the match he felt that his team had scored fewer runs. But the ball was spinning, due to which the team of Chennai Super Kings succeeded in defeating Rajasthan Royals by 45 runs.

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