May 20, 2022

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‘Lancet’ recommendation: Panel’s advice to Modi government, need to deal with corona by creating a central system

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The speed of the second wave of Corona in India may have decreased, but the threat still remains. Up to two and a half million new cases are coming up every day. To deal with this, the British Science General Lancet has suggested to the government.

Experts from the British Science General Lancet have sent some suggestions to the Government of India to deal with Corona. The British medical journal ‘Lancet’ has given 8 suggestions to the Central and State Governments amidst the situation arising out of the second wave of corona in India and the possibility of a third wave. It has been suggested to create a central system ranging from vaccine procurement to distribution. Experts have recommended the government implement this system immediately.

Significantly, Corona infection has affected India badly. So far, three crore cases have been reported in the country, while more than 3 lakh deaths have been reported. Every effort is being made to prevent infection. The Citizen’s Panel of the British General Lancet has made 8 major suggestions to the Central and State Governments to prevent the infection from spreading to a large and dangerous level. It has asked to keep the responsibility of buying and distributing the vaccine with the centre.

The central system of vaccine shopping
Journal Lancet, in its report, told the government that instead of states, the centre should buy and distribute the vaccine by itself. This led to a complete list of medicines and other supplies being given to the states with the Center. Also, it is important to have decentralization of health services instead of centralization. The situation may vary from district to district. Health workers and frontline workers have access to funds and resources in emergencies.

Transparency in hospital, oxygen and drug prices necessary
The Journal Lancet also recommended the implementation of a transparent national pricing policy. Experts believe that due to transparent pricing, the general public will have to reduce treatment costs. Due to not having a national pricing policy, people have to undergo costly treatment. If this policy is implemented then the maximum cost of treatment will be covered by health insurance schemes.

There will be fewer disputes between the Center and the states
21 experts wrote in the magazine’s article, “Such a system will determine the appropriate prices and will help to overcome the shortage of vaccine and oxygen supply.” This can reduce inequality between states. “Experts said that these recommendations are focused on strong steps that would be helpful to the Center and the state governments to prevent the rise in cases of infection.

Recommendation to give cash to workers working in unorganized sectors
The journal panel said that instead of giving the vaccine purchase to the states, the centre should keep it with them, free vaccines, community efforts and medical, para-medical final year students to be engaged in corona related services and use government-private sector, health workers. Recommendations have been made. Is with The state has suggested a transparent price policy and cash transfers for workers working in the unorganized sector.

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