October 7, 2022

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Here’s the big news for bulletproof vests – beware

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Barnala police have started cracking down on mischievous miscreants setting off firecrackers and building motorcycles in the city of Barnala. Under which Barnala police cordoned off the area and checked the built motorcycles. During which all the firecracker silencers were ironed and smashed.

Disclosing this here today SHO Lakhwinder Singh Ji of Barnala City Police Station said that the police under the leadership of SSP Sandeep Goyal of Barnala has launched a crackdown on mischievous elements.

Under which all the built motorcycles are being checked by setting up roadblocks at different places of the city. Large firecracker silencers are being installed on all the built motorcycles. And the silencers taken down by the invoices of these motorcyclists are being demolished so that these silencers cannot be reused. He said that this checking campaign would continue.

Snake Barnala Sandeep Goyal said that while the Barnala police was cracking down on the violators of the corona virus, the rioters in the city were being cracked down on. Under which cracker silencers are being removed from these motorcycles.

He also said that all the motorcycle mechanics of the city have been reprimanded that if anyone installs silencers with firecrackers on the bullet motorcycles, action will be taken against them. He said that these firecrackers caused a lot of noise pollution to the common man. As such, such riots would not be tolerated in Barnala district.

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