September 27, 2022

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Despite the protest, the DAV school’s debris is bidded

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Organizations and residents of the city staged a protest against the demolition of the DAV school building in Bareta, Punjab. They chanted slogans and demanded cancellation of the bid. He said that not a single brick of this building would be allowed to be lifted. The spokespersons said that the building in good condition was constructed by raising funds from the parents of the children. Now the city council wants to demolish it as an official bid and this will not be allowed.

People are demanding that the girls’ school should be upgraded and relocated.

A few months ago, In the main market the Kisaan Araam Ghar was demolished with the intention of selling. People say that it will be the turn of the old tehsil after this. Even selling all this does not fill the stomach of the government.

It may be recalled that SSD Kanyan Maha Vidyalaya was earlier run in this building since 28th August 1984 and the foundation stone of the building is still there today. Then for some reason it was transformed to DAV. Now DAV’s organization is running the school elsewhere.

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