November 29, 2022

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Bungling in the game: Indian players played as Nepali in World Cup qualifiers, fake team won medals

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The matter of playing a fake team in a recognized international tournament will not be a sore throat, but such is the case in the World Cup Qualifier Tent Pegging in Greater Noida on March 15 to 18. In this tournament, the Indian horsemen were fed with the fake team of Nepal. This team also won medals. The Horse Riding Association of India (EFI) has accepted to feed the Indian horsemen from the Nepal team. The Equestrian Federation of India (EFI) has also talked about setting up an inquiry into the matter.

Teams from India, Belarus, USA, Pakistan and Nepal played in the tournament, which India won and qualified for the World Cup. After scrutinizing Yogendar, Golam, Vinay and Kepil who played in this World Cup for Nepal, it was found out that they are all Indians and they have Indian citizenship. One of these equestrians works in Bihar Police and is an equestrian coach, while the other three are said to be school students. A horseman from Nepal told that he was asked by a person involved in organizing the tournament that he had to play in the tournament. He was also told that he would play for the Nepal team. However, he is yet to get a medal winning certificate.

International Federation Disqualified: EFI General Secretary Jayveer Singh admitted that Indian equestrian from Nepal team played in the tournament. They do not know how this was possible, but on their behalf the matter was placed before the International Tent Pegging Federation. After this, the International Federation disqualified Nepal’s team. Jayveer says that the matter is being investigateds. The Nepal Equestrian Federation is also going to conduct an investigation.

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