October 7, 2022

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General Bipin Rawat: Army withdrawal from Afghanistan

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US President Joe Biden has announced to withdraw his troops from Afghanistan by 11 September. The world fears that the Taliban can take advantage of the withdrawal of the NATO army and this could again lead to the conditions of the civil war. India too has a keen eye on Afghanistan.

Chief of Defense Staff (CDS) General Bipin Rawat pointed this out in the Raisina Hills Dialogue on Thursday. He said that such a situation should not be created by the withdrawal of the American army, which can be used to take advantage of the provocative and chaotic elements. We will continue to help Afghanistan in its betterment and development.

Peaceful solution required

General Rawat said that India wants peace to be restored soon in Afghanistan so that there can be rapid development there. We are ready to help Afghanistan in every way. Peace is necessary for development and India is trying to help in this.

CDS further explained that apart from all the things, we also have some concerns. We do not want the withdrawal of the US or NATO army to take advantage of the wrong elements and the situation there will worsen.

Point towards pakistan

India and Afghanistan have historical ties and the Government of India is running several development projects in Afghanistan. The Parliament House there is also built by India. Pakistan has always provided support to the Taliban and other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan.

He does not like India’s presence. India fears that after the withdrawal of the US Army, Pakistan will once again try to spoil the situation in Afghanistan. General Rawat’s statement is actually a reference to Pakistan.

US, Afghanistan and India in touch

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani held talks with US President Biden Wednesday night. According to Ghani, his government respects the American decision. General Rawat did not name any country but said – some countries may try to take advantage of the situation after the withdrawal of American troops.

There are a lot of possibilities and sources in Afghanistan. Some people or countries want to take advantage of them. The countries of the world must decide that Afghanistan belongs to the Afghan people only and only.

Afghan Foreign Minister Hanif Atmar visited India last month. Then the Foreign Minister of India S.K. Jaishankar assured him that India was always ready to help Afghanistan.

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