December 8, 2022

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India-China 11th round of talks today

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The 11th round of meeting of the India-China military officers will begin in a while to end the ongoing tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Disengagement in Gogra, Hot Spring, and Depsang can be discussed in this conversation of Commander Level. The meeting will be held at Chushul BPM Hut in East Ladakh. The Indian Army will be led by the commander of the 14th Corps at Lahore, Lieutenant General PGK Menon in Leh.

Till now, in 10 meetings, there was agreement on disengagement in the northern and southern Pagong Lake areas in eastern Ladakh. According to army sources, after disengagement in these areas, the forces of both countries have reached their respective permanent posts.

Talks will be held to maintain the old position

In this meeting, there will be talks on restoring the tense areas along with disengagement in Gogra, Hot Spring, and Depsang. The Indian Army will be under pressure to re-establish the position before April 2020. For this purpose, both countries are constantly in talks at the Working Mechanism for Consultation and Coordination (WMCC) and also at the Special Representative level.

The 10th round of talks was held on 21 February

The 10th meeting of the Corps Commander Level between India and China took place on 21 February. This meeting lasted for about 16 hours. There was also discussion on disengagement in Gogra, Hot Spring and Depsang. However, according to sources, there was no significant result in the meeting. This is the reason that now after about a month, the round of negotiations between the two countries has started again.

7 big things about the agreement so far

India-China have agreed to military disengagement. Military Disengagement means the withdrawal of the armies of two countries which have been face-to-face so far from a certain area. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh gave this information in Parliament on 11 February. According to him, these 7 decisions were made for disengagement…

• Both countries will remove the forward deployment. That is, the troops of the two countries, which were stationed very close to each other till now, will retreat from there.

• China will place its troops on the east side of Finger-8 in the North Bank of Pangong Lake.

• India will place its troops at Permanent Than Singh Thapa post near Finger-3.

• Senior commander level talks will take place within 48 hours of disengagement from Pangong Lake and remaining issues will be resolved. (Disengagement started from 10 February)

• Like the North Bank of the lake, there will be disengagement in the South Bank. (It has not yet been told when it will be.)

• From April 2020, both constructions on the North and South Bank of Pangong Lake will be removed and the status quo will be restored. 7. Both countries will stop petroling on the North Bank for the time being. Military activities such as petroling will only begin when an agreement is reached by negotiation.

Soldiers were face to face for many months

Relations between India and China have continued to deteriorate since the violent clashes in Galvan. Both armies are face to face with heavy weapons and thousands of soldiers. India has deployed dangerous commandos of Army, Airforce, and Navy three in this area. Fighter jets have been flying continuously for several months. According to the long deployment, India had already delivered other essential goods including logistics.

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