September 29, 2022

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Indian travelers entry into America banned from today, such people will be exempt

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The ban on the entry of Indian travelers in America has come into force from today. President Joe Biden on Friday announced a moratorium on the entry of Indian travelers from May 4. However, students, academics, journalists and some other categories of people have been exempted from this ban. In addition, non-US spouses and children below 21 years of those US citizens are also exempted from entry. This ban on entry in the US is indefinite and it can be removed by the President under the next order.

The order issued by Biden said, “I have decided that it is in the interest of the US to ban travelers from India who have been in India for the past 14 days.” The US President said that this decision has been taken on the basis of the recommendation of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Biden said that one-third of the world’s corona cases have been found in India. The high speed of Corona cases in India is a cause for concern. Therefore, it has been decided to stop the entry of passengers coming from India.

However, after this order, US Secretary of State Tony Blinken exempted some categories of US visa holders. Along with this, some travelers coming from Brazil, China, Iran and South Africa have also been exempted. Let us know that more than 3 lakh active cases of corona have been reported in India continuously for about 10 days. Not only this, the number of deaths also remains above 3,000 every day. Apart from America, many countries of the world including Britain, New Zealand, Australia, Canada have banned the entry of Indians.

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