December 8, 2022

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One lakh foreign students will get PR in Canada, Punjab will be the biggest beneficiary

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The Canadian Justin Trudeau government has announced the Express Entry System (EES) draw. This has cleared the way for about one lakh foreign students to get PR there. The students of Punjab will be the biggest beneficiaries of this, who have completed their graduation there. Due to the Corona epidemic, the government has taken this important decision, seeing that the target of 4.01 lakh foreigners scheduled for 2021 is not met in Canada.

The Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Minister of Canada, Marco E. L. Mendicino, officially issued a statement that this special draw has been brought for foreign students who are contributing to the development of Canada in this difficult time of the epidemic by graduation.

In particular, students who are doing necessary work in addition to hospitals will be given priority in this. Under this, PR will be given to 20 thousand working in hospitals, 30 to 40 thousand engaged in the essential services sector, and graduate foreign students working in other fields. Apart from this, students with knowledge of the French language and two other languages ​​will also get PR.

Acute shortage of workers in canada

He said that there is a huge shortage of workers in Canada during the time of the epidemic. In 1971, there were 3 men working behind the 6.6 Senior Citizen, which will be reduced to two by the year 2035. In such a situation, it will be very difficult to fill this gap. Therefore the conditions for PR to foreign students have also been eased.

The one-year experience on the work permit has been abolished, while the islets also have five bands prescribed instead of at triple intake. There will be no limit for students who know French and two languages, now they can apply for any number. Applications can be made for this new draw from May 6 to November 5, 2021. After this, students who graduate after the year 2017 will be able to participate.

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