September 29, 2022

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Petrol, Diesel Prices Today: Relief After 15 Days, Prices of Petrol and Diesel decreased

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Oil marketing companies have cut the prices of petrol and diesel on Thursday, 15 April. Today, petrol has become 16 paise and diesel 14 paise cheaper. Before this, the last cut was done on March 30, 2021.

Fuel Rate Cut: After 15 days of stability in the country, retail fuel has become cheaper. Oil marketing companies have cut prices of petrol and diesel on Thursday, 15 April. Today, petrol and diesel have been cut by 16 and 14 paise. Before this, the last cut was done on March 30, 2021, after which the oil prices were steadily stable. These cuts have come when the international crude oil market is seeing a boom. Despite the ups and downs of the past few weeks, there has been no difference in the prices of fuel here.

What is the latest rate

After today’s cut, the price of petrol in Delhi has come down from 90.56 rupees to 90.40 per liter. At the same time, diesel has been reduced from 81.10 to 80.73 rupees per liter.

On the other hand, in Mumbai, petrol was Rs 96.98, which is now Rs 96.83 per liter, and diesel is also cheaper than 87.96 and is being sold at Rs 87.81 per liter. In Chennai, petrol is being reduced from 92.58 to Rs 92.43 per liter and diesel is being sold from Rs 85.88 to 85.75 per liter. In Kolkata, petrol has become cheaper from 90.77 to 90.62 rupees and diesel price has been reduced from 83.75 rupees to 83.61 rupees per liter.

Check fuel prices in your city

You can check the latest rates of today’s petrol and diesel in your city. According to crude oil and forex, the price of petrol and diesel changes in the country every day. These new prices are applicable to every petrol pump in the country from 6 am every day. However, local VAT varies from state to state. You can find out the prices of petrol and diesel every day from your phone through an SMS.

For this, you can send SMS to the mobile number 9224992249 under the Indian Oil SMS service. Your message will be something like – RSP <space> Petrol Pump Dealer Code. You can check the RSP code of your area by visiting the site. After sending this message, the latest fuel price information will come on your phone.

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