August 18, 2022

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The oldest woman in the world: Died at 119

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she breathed his last at the age of 119 years 6 months. The woman’s name was Bachan Kaur and she was a resident of Motte Majra, a village in Kasba Banud in Mohali district of Punjab. Bachchan Kaur’s last trip was taken out with the band Bajan. The villagers, including the entire family, bid farewell to Bachchan Kaur with all due respect.

According to military records, Bachan Kaur was born in 1901. Her husband late Jeevan Singh fought both world wars. Bachchan Kaur gave birth to 9 children, out of which 3 daughters and 2 sons are alive now. Elder daughter Pritam Kaur is 87 years old, while elder son Pritam Singh is 79 years old. Pritam Singh has been a Subedar in the army. Baban Kaur’s grandson Bab Singh also retired from the Indian Army 2 years ago. Retired Subedar Pritam Singh, son of Bachan Kaur, told that his mother was born in 1899. Her husband Jeevan Singh was a soldier of the British Indian Army, so the military record records her birth year 1901. Currently, 118-year-old Ken Tanaka of Japan is named as the oldest living woman in the Guinness Book of World Records. But Bachan Kaur was older than her, as she lived 119.6 years according to government records. Family members said that Bachan Kaur led a healthy life without any disease and medication. She was fond of milk and ghee. Punjabi food remained the secret of his health till the last time. Problems like blood pressure and diabetes were also not left to Bachan Kaur.

Sometimes there was a problem like fever or cough, which was cured with medication. But weakened due to increasing age. So he quit working a few days ago. While she used to go to the farm, fetch fodder, take care of milch animals. His younger son Ajayab Singh, working in the Health Department of Chandigarh, kept him with him. About a year ago, Ajayab Singh took retirement to serve him. However, according to his wish, he breathed his last in his village.

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