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World Autism Awareness Day: World Autism Day is being celebrated today, know what is this disease, symptoms and treatment

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World Autism Awareness Day 2021:

 Today World Autism Awareness Day is being celebrated all over the world. This special day is celebrated every year on 2 April to make people aware of autism. Actually, autism is a mental disease in which the child’s brain is not fully developed. The earliest signs of autism are seen in children aged 1-3 years. Let’s know what is this disease, its symptoms and how to help children suffering from this disease.

What is autism?

According to experts, autism is a mental disease. Children are more susceptible to this disease. Once the autism is in the grip of the child, the mental balance of the child becomes narrower. This causes the child to stay away from family and society. Its side effects are more common in older people.

– The symptoms of autism are seen in children of 12 to 13 months of age.

– In this disorder, the person or child hesitates to join the eye.

– Excuses not to listen to another person’s talk.

– No one responds even when given a voice. Responds impractically.

– Do not agree with parents .

– If your child has this type of symptoms, then you should consult a doctor.

Precautions –

– Try to change the activity of your child.

– Pay more attention to his food and lifestyle .

– Do not let your child become compressed. Introduce him to new people every day.

After this, continuous counseling can definitely improve the health of the child.

The reason for having autism-

Exactly why this disease occurs is not clear yet. It is caused by problems occurring in some parts of the brain. The risk of autism is four times higher in boys than girls. Sometimes it is genetic. Autism  has a greater effect on children due to elderly parents.


There is no exact cure for it. Doctors decide what to treat after the condition and symptoms of children. Behavior therapy, speech therapy, occupational therapy etc. are done in its treatment, so that children can be understood in their own language. With this therapy, the children are corrected to a large extent. Due to which he reduces to act strange things. They get along with other children. The doctor as well as the parents have a special hand in this therapy. They have to take special care of their child.

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Usually a pediatrician, psychologist or expert team observes the person and interacts with his / her parents and sometimes with the teachers. They can also ask children to do something so that they can see how they learn. Professionals examine the child’s conformity with certain criteria by certain means and determinations and can identify an autism spectrum disorder.

Follow these important tips for children suffering from autism-

– While explaining anything to the child, speak slowly one word with him and try to repeat it with the child.

– Play with children, give them time.

– Do not let children play difficult toys.

– Try to explain things to children through photographs.

– Feed children outdoor games. This will increase the child’s little confidence.

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