September 29, 2022

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Railway Board canceled all transfers till June 30, due to Corona infection, took a big decision

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The railway board has canceled all transfers of all zones in view of the second wave of corona virus. Transfers will remain canceled in all divisions in South Eastern Railway Zone also.

After 30 June, the Railway Board will take a decision on the transfers. The Railway Board has taken this decision in view of the Corona wave. Railway Board’s Joint Director D Joseph has sent a letter in this regard to all the zones.

It is worth noting that the Railway Board had transferred many employees from all the divisions including Ranchi Rail Division in the South East Zone. Some of these employees reached their new posting site and joined the job. But the transfer process of many people was going on. However, now all transfers have been banned. Several organizations including the Railway’s NFIR (National Federation of Indian Railway Man) and AIRF (All India Railway Men’s Federation) wrote to the Railway Board, urging that the second wave of Corona had just arrived. People are suffering from corona in a big way.

Therefore, transfer of employees is not good in such an environment. In such a situation, corona may spread in railway offices by moving from one place to another. In view of this, the Railway Board has decided to ban the transfer at present.

About one and a half transfers have been done in Ranchi Rail Division

During the Corona period, about one and a half hundred employees in the Ranchi Railway Division were taken away from here. This transfer was done inside the board itself. But the railway employees’ organizations had opposed it and complained to the Railway Board.

Most of the track men were transferred

Ranchi Rail Division has the highest number of transfers of around 110 track men. Most transfer rules were made against the engineering department. After this, the signal and telecom department employees have also been transferred. Now all these transfers will be postponed till 30 June. PTI

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