September 27, 2022

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Signs of lockdown in Maharashtra: CM Uddhav Thackeray

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Uddhav Thackeray addressed the public on Friday after a high level meeting on the situation of  Corona. He blamed the negligence of the people for increasing the infection. The largest eruption of corona ever took place in Maharashtra. On Thursday, 43,183 new infections were found here. This is the highest number of infections in a single day in any state. CM Uddhav addressed the people at 8.30 pm. He described the seriousness of the situation, but did not declare a lockdown in the state.

Although Uddhav further said, ‘Lockdown is not a solution, but despite vaccination, the number of infected people is continuously increasing. I am not putting a lockdown today but pointing to it. If the situation does not improve in the next two-three days, drastic steps will have to be taken. ‘

  • I did not come to scare, I have come to handle the situation

Uddhav said, ‘Let me tell you that I have not come here to scare you, but to sort out the circumstances that are going on. The economic situation worldwide fluctuated due to Corona. This virus has come to test your people’s patience. We have to fight Corona with patience in unison. The lockdown will worsen the economic situation. ‘

  • Uddhav said – We do not want to hide anything

CM Uddhav said that we are extending RT-PCR test instead of antigen rapid test. Today we are doing 70% test RT-PCR. He said, ‘We are not hiding anything. We don’t even want to hide anything. We are presenting the truth in front of people. People ask that the elections in Bihar and Bengal did not increase there, why is it increasing in you? I do not mean it My responsibility is to the people of Maharashtra.

  • Adequate beds available in Maharashtra

‘You will remember last March that we did not have beds, hospitals were not available and ambulances had fallen short. After that we improved it. Today we have 3, 75, 000 beds. This is our great achievement. ‘

  • If the patient increases more then the facilities will fall

Uddhav said, ‘People have become careless. Weddings in Maharashtra are getting more crowded. Corona is taking our test. We have adequate facilities, but in the same way if the patients increase, then they will start falling. We will increase all facilities, but from where will the doctors and nurses bring it. This is the biggest concern. Many doctors and nurses have been infected. Even after recovering from the corona, it continues to have an effect. If the situation remains the same then after the next 15-20 days we will not be able to handle the situation. ‘

  • Maharashtra number one in vaccination, can increase speed further

‘Ever since vaccination started in Maharashtra, we have vaccinated 65 lakh people till now. 3 lakh people are being vaccinated in a day. It can be increased to 7 lakhs. Increasing test and vaccination. There is no solution for how to stop the patient. We are the number 1 state in vaccination. ‘

  • Economy will fall due to lockdown, if not imposed then cases will increase

We have to see how the number of Kovid-19 victims is increasing. In the beginning of the year, 300-400 positives were being received daily in Mumbai, but in today’s date, more than 8000 patients are getting here every day. More than 45000 cases are being received across the state. Of the total available beds we have, 62% are filled. I believe lockdown is fatal. If the lockdown is applied, the earth cycle is affected, and if not, the corona cases increase.

  • Targeting the opposition – not me, oppose the virus

Uddhav said, ‘Opposition is opposing me. I would like to say to all the opponents that do not do politics while playing with the life of the people. The President of America had said that there should be no politics on Corona. I want to say the same thing. I would like to tell him that if he wants to protest, then do the virus. Those who do not wear masks, resist them. Those who are not following the rules, oppose them. ‘

  • 7-day mini lockdown in Pune

Strictness has already been introduced here in Pune. All public functions, except the wedding and funeral, have been banned for the next 7 days. Only 20 people will be allowed at the funeral and 50 at weddings. This order will be effective from Saturday.

  • Maharashtra among Brazil, India, USA and France among newcomers

The severity of the corona-made situation in Maharashtra can be gauged from the fact that there are more cases in only 5 countries of the world in a single day. Brazil is at number one, India itself at number two, America at number three and France at number four. After this, Maharashtra alone has the highest number of cases.

  • Maharashtra gets 475% more patients than February

Mumbai had the highest number of 8,646 cases on Thursday. This was followed by Pune 8,025 and Thane with 4,795 cases. In March, 88,710 new cases of corona were reported in Mumbai, an increase of 475% over February. During this period 216 people lost their lives, which is 181% more than in February. The state received more than 6.6 lakh cases in March, which is 400% more than in February.

  • BMC released new guidelines

People with mild or no symptoms, who do not have any other disease, can be treated while in home isolation. They have to get the permission of the doctor. Stay at home for home isolation. PTI

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