October 28, 2021

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Punjab Government Offer: Captain Approves Reward Policy, Now provide information that leads to drugs recovery, Get cash rewards

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Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh on Wednesday approved a reward policy, referring to the zero-tolerance policy against drug addiction. This will encourage information and secret information for the recovery of drugs under the NDPS Act and cash prizes will be given to those giving information. A reward of Rs. 2.40 lakh will be given for the possession of cocaine and its salt.

The Chief Minister has termed it as an important step to motivate people to help the government in taking action against drug dealers and smugglers. According to DGP Dinkar Gupta, the policy would recognize the role of government employees, informers, sources in the recovery of large amounts of intoxicants and their role in successfully implementing the NDPS Act-1985 and PIT NDPS Act-1988.

Reward levels will be decided on a case-by-case basis in connection with successful investigations, prosecutions, confiscation of illegally created property and other important anti-drug activities. This decision has been taken based on the suggestion given by the DGP regarding bringing such a policy. These suggestions were made during the review meeting of the war on drugs on 23 February under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister.

Maximum 50% reward for government officials-employees

Gupta clarified that government officials/employees will generally be eligible for a maximum of 50 per cent reward. Gupta disclosed that the category of qualified persons under this policy would include informants, whose information was illegally acquired under Chapter 5-A of the Narcotics / Psychotropic Substances / Controlled Substances and NDPS Act-1985. Cause you to seize the property.

Another eligible category would include officers and employees of State and Central Government such as Police, Lawyers, Officers of Indian Government Enforcement agencies, who have successfully conducted investigations or prosecutions under Narcotics Drugs / Psychotropic Substances / Controlled Substances or NDPS Act-1985. Has successfully lobbied or succeeded in confiscating property illegally acquired under Chapter 5-A of the NDPS Act-1985 or has achieved precautionary custody or any other success under PIT NDPS Act-1988, Which may be considered eligible for a cash reward by ADGP / STF and DGP Punjab.

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