December 1, 2022

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Punjab Police smash ‘Big Fat Weddings’ for breaching Covid-19 Norms Amid Worrying upsurge

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Attendance in weddings and funerals have been constricted to 10 people while 10 more will be allowed after prior permission.

People in Punjab seem to be finding it tough to downsize their wedding guest lists as the state government has limited the attendance to a maximum of 20 amid the rising cases of COVID-19. On Wednesday, Punjab Police became “uninvited guests” at two ‘Big Fat Punjabi Weddings’, where the gathering had swelled to more than a hundred.

As per the new COVID-19 guidelines in the state, attendance in social gatherings such as weddings and funerals have been restricted to 10 people while 10 more will be permitted after the planners or hosts gain prior permission from the district deputy commissioner.

In Bathinda, the police on Wednesday conducted raids at a local club where an engagement party was going on in full swing with a huge gathering. The police party reached the spot and booked the owner of the club, as well as, the parents of the couple under Sections 188, 269, 270 IPC, 51 DM Act. The case was registered against 12 persons out of which eight have been named. This includes the peon at the club.

The club is situated near the residence of the Bathinda deputy commissioner. The police booked the man’s parents, father Mandeep Kumar and mother Nena Mehta, Ramesh Kumar, woman’s father, and Ravi Kumar man’s maternal uncle, as well as Suresh Kumar, Jatinder Singla, Jagraj Singh, Amandeep Singh, and others.

In another incident, yesterday, in Jalandhar, a jolly wedding party was taken by surprise when the police raided the marriage venue and booked all of the over 100 guests at the, as well as, the planners. At Kala Sanghian of Kapurthala in Jalandhar, the police conducted a raid as the huge crowd had people without masks and no social distancing was being maintained. The police first sent the visitors out and even picked up the troupe of the orchestra dancers. The case was filed against 100 people under Sections 188, 279 Disaster Management Act.

The constrictions are in place till April 30 in Punjab in view of the surge in corona cases.

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