August 17, 2022

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Punjabi University Patiala: Planned attack on students by outsiders, students demand registration of FIR against goons

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Patiala: Yesterday students of Punjabi University Patiala have been attacked by goons in a planned manner at the instigation of B class employee Raju. In which nine students were seriously injured.

It is reported that on night of May 7, some miscreants drove around the campus while they were drunk and the students surrounded them on the spot and asked them to apologize. Since yesterday morning, the goons have been plotting to attack the students at the university in a planned manner. In the evening, they, led by Raju and other employees, made vulgar remarks against the student organizations, especially the girls, near the library, saying that it was their right to commit hooliganism while drunk.

When the students, led by all the student organizations, were asking them to stop and sit down and talk in the presence of the university administration, they attacked the students. In this attack, the student Amolak from SFI, Virender and K V from AISF and other comrades of the university has sustained serious head injuries.

Among the fleeing goons, the students caught a goon on the spot and handed him over to the police.

Following this incident, the students have demanded:

1.) Raju, a Class B employee who was involved in this planned attack should be arrested as soon as possible and appropriate action should be taken against him. The university administration should dismiss him.

2.) The university administration should register an FIR against these goons as a complainant and record the statements of injured students.

3.) There must be a ban on the entry of four wheeler vehicles inside university campus.

– All Student Organizations

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