December 6, 2022

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Railway becomes the messenger for 8 states, 4709 MT lifeguards sent from 121 Oxygen Express

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The Oxygen Express of Railways is now gaining momentum. This train is supplying oxygen to eight states. Railways have so far supplied 4709 MT liquid medical oxygen to 295 tankers through 121 Oxygen Express.

Railway Board Chairman and CEO Sunit Sharma have said that the priority of Indian Railways is to ensure oxygen supply in the country at the earliest. In this, she is not even looking at the transportation costs incurred in oxygen supply. Whether it has to take two tankers or it is going to take those tankers to the oxygen plant and back to the respective states.

He said that the railways started operating its oxygen express from April 18 and so far 4709 metric tonnes of medical oxygen has been supplied in 295 tankers through 121 rounds. Out of these 100 tankers have been delivered to Delhi. 98 tankers have been delivered to Uttar Pradesh, 27 to Madhya Pradesh, 18 to Maharashtra, 40 to Haryana, 9 to Telangana and 3 to Rajasthan.

Many trains are on the way carrying 744 tonnes of oxygen in 50 tankers

Various oxygen express trains of the railway are currently on the way with 5044 tankers carrying 744 tonnes of medical oxygen. These include 12 tankers being taken to Delhi, 15 tankers to Uttar Pradesh, 10 tankers to Haryana, four tankers to Karnataka, 3 tankers to Maharashtra.

Number of mail express trains decreased

In response to a question, Sunit Sharma has said that after the restrictions of Corona, now the number of Mail Express trains on the railway has also decreased. Before the Corona era, 1768 Mail Express trains were running, while at this time their number is 1182 Special Mail Express. The number of suburban trains and passenger trains has also been reduced. Many trains have been stopped because they were prone to infection and another reason has been the huge shortage of passengers. However, additional trains are also being run on the demand of the states.

1952 Railway employees died from Corona

The Chairman of the Railway Board said that in the Corona era, even in odd conditions, the Railways has successfully operated passenger, freight trains, labour-specific and oxygen express trains. During this time a large number of his employees also came under the grip of Corona. It has also lost about 1952 employees in the last year. Many workers are getting infected every day. However, a large number of his employees have returned to work after recovering. He said that we have our own hospitals. We have increased the number of beds, built oxygen plants in rail hospitals. Presently 4000 railway personnel or their family members are admitted to these hospitals.

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