December 8, 2022

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Reversal: Harshvardhan’s stance on Rahul Gandhi – learn politics from the vultures of the earth

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The government is being accused of hiding the death toll due to the Corona epidemic. The opposition is a constant attacker on the government. The opposition alleges that the Modi government is not presenting the exact figure of deaths from Corona.

Accusations continue between the ruling BJP and the Congress amid the Corona epidemic. The latest case is to share data related to Rahul Gandhi’s corona. On this tweet by Rahul, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan retaliated. He exhorted Congress to stop doing politics on dead bodies. In fact, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi shared a graphic of ‘The New York Times’ linked to the death toll from Corona in the country, after which the BJP took on the Congress.

Harshvardhan’s attack on Congress
Union Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan responded to Rahul Gandhi’s tweet. He said that doing politics on corpses is the style of the Congress. The vultures from the trees may be fading, but it seems that their energy is being absorbed in the vultures of the earth. One should learn to do politics on the lefts from the vultures of the earth. In the next tweet, Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said that Rahul Gandhi trusts America more than the government of the country.

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