October 5, 2022

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Shortage of Covaxin: The company said – the process of vaccine production and supply is complicated

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The domestic supply of Corona vaccines has been dwarfed in the face of increased demand due to the deadly second wave of Coronavirus. Corona vaccination is going on in the country, to speed up the approval of many foreign vaccines are also being talked about. Sputnik is already being installed in India. But the shortage of vaccines remains.

Meanwhile, Covaxin’s shortage is also seen quite a lot. The company said on Friday that the process of production and supply of its vaccines is complex. Its entire process also takes a lot of time. Two doses of covaxin are taken.

According to Bharat Biotech, it takes 120 days to test and release a batch with Covaxin to make. This means that the number of doses of Covaxin made in March this year will be ready for supply only by June.

Also informed that it has many stages and it requires a lot of staff. To increase the production of the vaccine, many processes have to go through. Because of this, it takes 4 months for the common people to get vaccinated.

Keeping in view the demand, Bharat Biotech is taking steps to make 200 million additional doses. These doses will be made in a unit in Gujarat. With this, the annual production of Covaxin will increase to 100 million doses.

Earlier, the central government had said that the production of the indigenous covaxin vaccine would be doubled by May-June. By September, 100 million doses of vaccine will be produced every month.

According to the information given by the Union Ministry of Science and Technology, indigenous tokens will be promoted under Self-Reliant India Mission 3.0. Under this mission, the Biotechnology Department of the Government of India is providing funds for vaccine production. Currently, one crore doses of indigenous vaccine cocaine are being produced every month. 100 million doses of this vaccine will be produced every month by September 2021.

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