May 24, 2022

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Sonia Gandhi said- ‘We are ready to help the government, we should forget political differences in Corona war’

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Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi said, ‘I think our role is two-sided. The first thing is to emphasize transparency and accountability.

New Delhi, April 27: Amid rising cases of coronavirus in India, the interim president of the Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi has said that we are ready to help the central government in every way. Sonia Gandhi has said that to fight against the coronavirus, we should bypass political differences. We must fight the battle against Corona together, forgetting our political differences. Sonia Gandhi has also asked political leaders to rise above mutual differences and fight against the Kovid-19 disaster as a nation. Sonia Gandhi said that we are ready to help the central government in this time of crisis. Knowing that the government has not focused on the medical care system at all. The attitude of the centre in the hour of this disaster is shocking.

In an interview, Sonia Gandhi said, “I believe that fighting against Corona” is not a war against you versus us (Modi government vs Congress). This is a war against our (country) vs Corona. Hence this fight against Kovid is beyond the political alliance. We have to fight this battle together as a nation.

Sonia Gandhi said, “The Modi government should realize that the fight is against Corona, not against the Congress or other political opponents.” Sonia Gandhi said, “Political consensus is necessary at this time. All of us leaders should come together and fight against this disaster, which the country is struggling with. Unfortunately, the Modi government has repeatedly shown that they do not like consensus. I truly believe that in challenging times, political leadership needs to work above our political differences. We have done this many times before. As a country and a democracy, India has always come together in a crisis.”

Sonia Gandhi has said that at a time when the government of the country has shied away from responsibilities, our role as an opposition becomes all the more imperative to listen to the people and express their pain.

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