December 1, 2022

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The third wave of Corona will also come, warning of the Principal Scientific Advisor to the government, will have to be ready

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K Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Central Government, has warned about the third wave of Corona and said that we have to be ready for it.

The news is coming out about the third wave of Corona, Vijay Raghavan of the Principal Scientific Advisor of the Central Government has warned that he says that the third corona of Corona is to come, though when it will come. But they have not cleaned it. Raghavan said that the third type of coronavirus is ‘unavoidable’, although its time frame cannot be predicted.
At a press briefing by the Ministry of Health on Wednesday, officials said that the long Covid wave of ‘intensity’ the country is experiencing was not predicted.

Principal Scientific Advisor of the Center K Vijay Raghavan said that the third wave is inevitable because of the high level of spread of the virus but it is not clear when the third wave will come and what level it will be.
He said- “We should be ready for new waves.”

He further said that the vaccines being administered to people in India are effective against the existing variants of coronaviruses. “New variants will be produced all over the world and also in India, but transmission-enhancing variants will be less likely. Immune effective variants and those that reduce or increase the severity of the disease will progress further,” he said.

“The need for regular monitoring of the COVID-19 vaccine”
He also stated that upgrading to cope with the new strain requires regular monitoring of the Covid-19 vaccine. The scientific advisor also said that the strains of the virus are spreading like the first strain. They do not have the properties of new types of infection. He also said that vaccines are effective against existing variants. There will be new variants in the country and the world. He also said that the loss of caution after the end of a wave gives the virus a chance to spread again.

“It is an intensive research program taking place in India and abroad”
Raghavan also said that scientists in India and around the world are working against them by forecasting new variants and developing early warnings and rapidly modifying tools. He said- “It is an intensive research program, which is taking place in India and abroad.”

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