October 26, 2021

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Wait 3 months for the second dose of Covishield, if you have Corona then take a dose after 6 months: Government Panel

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Corona’s havoc and vaccine scarcity both continue simultaneously in the country. Although the government claims that this crisis will be overcome soon, the government panel’s vaccine dose is telling a different story. The difference between the two doses of the first vaccine was 28 days, which was later increased to 42 days. Now the government has recommended the panel that a second dose be given after three months.

Sources say that the government panel has recommended this because of the shortage of the vaccine. The panel says that both doses of Covishield should have a gap of three to four months. It is being said that this recommendation has been made due to a lack of vaccine.

Apart from this, the government panel says that corona patients should take the first dose of the vaccine only after 6 months of recovery. News agency PTI has given this information by quoting sources. Meanwhile, bovine manufacturing company Bharat Biotech has been approved for the second clinical trial of vaccines for people between the ages of 2 to 18 years. This approval has been given by the Drugs Controller General of India.

The vaccination campaign in India with two vaccines
The vaccination campaign is being carried out in India under two campaigns. The central government is giving free vaccines to people above 45 years of age. Apart from this, the state governments and private sector have also been allowed to purchase vaccines for vaccination of people of 18 to 44 air classes. However, the central government has fixed the quota for this so that all the states get the vaccine according to their population. However, most of the state governments of the country have announced to give the free vaccine to the people of their state.

Let us also tell you that currently there is a vaccination campaign in India with the help of two vaccines Covaxin and Covishield. However, the government has also approved the emergency use of the Russian vaccine Sputnik-V vaccine. Two consignments of vaccine from Russia have also reached India.

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