December 1, 2022

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Why were Yogi and Nitish stuck? Why Bihar people are worried about UP’s channel construction in Gandak, understand reality in ground report

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Bihar News: BJP MLA Vinay Bihari is upset with the construction of a pilot channel on the banks of the river in the Yogapatti block of Bihar. MLA from Lauria Legislative Assembly Vinay Bihari demanded a halt to the construction of this channel. He threatened in the video message that if this was not done, he would stand up with the public and resign the membership of the assembly.

Nagendra Narayan, West Champaran
The Uttar Pradesh and Bihar governments are face to face with the construction of the channel in the Gandak River in Harpur Panchayat of Thakraha block of West Champaran. The entire nation is eyeing this dispute of two states. It is surprising to the people that BJP is in power in both Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, so what is the reason for the controversy. The Bihar government has immediately stopped the construction work of the channel being run by UP. Not only this, the Bihar government has appointed a magistrate there to keep the surveillance of the channel secretly inaccessible. Posting this news on social media, people are expressing their desire to know what is the real reason for this dispute.

Local people of Bihar told trouble with UP’s channel
The local people spoke openly on this issue, but because of the dispute between the two states, they have requested not to make the name public at the moment. The people of Harpur Panchayat of West Champaran said that with the formation of this channel, the lives of about 70 thousand people in the area will be affected.

The villagers say that they are afraid that after the construction of the pilot channel, the devastation that the people of the border villages of Uttar Pradesh are suffering now, the people of Bihar will now have to suffer. Therefore, people of Bihar villages located along the Gandak side are starting to mobilize for the construction of the pilot channel. Most of the areas in which there is a possibility of destruction are the people of the Lauria assembly constituency. Local people said that with the formation of this channel, it is certain that floods will be devastated in about 10 panchayats of Bihar. The governments of both states need to resolve this issue through dialogue.

The villagers are protesting
A resident said, ‘Tell me the misfortune of my panchayat that since 2006 erosion started in our village. The erosion became final in 2011. But there was no one to take care of it. May God bless that the opening of the river was done in 2008-2009. Which filled the river which gave us some relief. Now the UP government is ripping the river, threatening Jagalpur Khatonia, Srinagar, Siswa Mangalpur, Chamukha, Bavaria and other areas. If it is not stopped now, then the village that has started settling will be swept away. We will stage a sit-in to stop it.

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