December 1, 2022

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6 left jobs to become IPS, twice clashed with BJP minister, find out who is Sangeeta Kalia

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 The story of Haryana IPS Sangeeta Kalia is very interesting. Her father was a carpenter in the police department. Sangeeta Kalia quit six jobs and became an IPS. While holding the post of SP, she met the BJP minister twice and had to pay the penalty. Sangeeta Kalia was born in a simple family in Bhiwani district. Dreamed of doing something different and fulfilled it.

Very few people would have known that his father was a carpenter in the police department while he  was an SP. IPS Sangeeta Kalia’s father Dharmapal worked in the Fatehabad police and retired in 2010. Sangeeta graduated from Bhiwani and appeared for the UPSC exam for the first time in 2005. In 2009, passed the test in the third attempt.

Inspired by watching this serial

According to Sangeeta Kalia, she was inspired to join the police after seeing the flying serial and her father. Her husband Vivek Kalia also joined HCS in Haryana. Is Sangeeta Kalia is the person who came to the police department after accepting six job offers.

There was a dispute with Anil Vij

Sangeeta Kalia had a feud with Health Minister Anil Vij in 2018. Still, she remained in the discussion. Anil Vij was meeting a problem solving committee in Fatehabad. Vij sought a reply from Sangeeta Kalia on a complaint related to sale of drugs. Then Sangeeta Kalia replied that we have registered two and a half thousand cases against liquor smugglers in a year. The police cannot shoot anyone. The matter was debated between Vij and Sangeeta Kalia, after which the meeting had to be adjourned.

Twice confused with lightning-

The same thing happened again. After confronting Minister Vij, Sangeeta moved to Panipat after being transferred from Kalia Rewari and now she again confronted Minister Anil Vij in Panipat. Not only that, she again fell victim to the minister’s wrath. He complained to SP Sahiba to CM Khattar. SP Kalia was again transferred within two months

Now SP is in the railways

IPS Sangeeta Kalia is originally from Bhiwani district. He was transferred to Rewari after Fatehabad. After that, she lived for some time in Bhiwani and Panipat. She is now working as an SP in Railways.

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