October 5, 2022

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Army Recruitment Scam

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The strands of army recruitment scam span from north to south and east to west. This includes SSB Selection Center, Base Hospital, Recruitment Headquarters and Military Officers of several units. In this scam, the amount of bribe has reached the officers’ wife, mother, father, brother-in-law and female friends and relatives. The SERB [The Securities and Exchange Board of India] has clamped down on all these.

The Army had received information from reliable sources that military officials and some other people had taken bribe from the temporarily rejected candidates and passed them in the medical examination. When the army investigated the recruitment scam with Vigilance, a big racket came to light. Take this scam. The involvement of two dozen military officers, their relatives or near people, including the colonel, Major, was confirmed.

The army has feared that the network of scamsters may be very large. The scandal has spread across the country. The bribe amount was also paid to Deviani, his father Surendra Kumar and mother Usha Kumawat, wife of Major Bhavesh Kumar, Group Testing Officer of SSB Selection Center (North) Kapurthala (Punjab). Bhupendra Bajaj, resident of Palam Vihar, Delhi, brother-in-law of Lieutenant Colonel Surendra Singh of Service Selection Center Kapurthala, is also among those who get financial benefits.

Trap from Kapurthala to Delhi, Bareilly, Bangalore, Chennai, Guwahati . SSB Selection Center Kapurthala as well as Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt, Army Air Defense Corps Visakhapatnam, Ordnance Division Bareilly, Recruitment Directorate, New Delhi, Mountain Division Guwahati, OTA Chennai, Army Service Corps Bangalore, Medical Board Selection, Base Hospital Delhi, Vehicles The serving military officers and their family members posted at several places including Depot Delhi and many civilians have been involved in the recruitment scam. The mastermind of the army recruitment scam, has been seized. In this, he is seen taking a packet from Kuldeep Singh, Naib Subedar of Base Hospital, Delhi Cantt, who plays the role of middleman. Kuldeep Singh’s mobile has also been seized. Take Mobile phone and laptop of Colonel Surendra Singh have also been seized.

NDA got the son passed out fraudulently

Havildar Pawan Kumar, posted at the Army Service Camp Bangalore, fraudulently passed the NDA’s SSB to his son Neeraj Kumar in December 2020. They take Gave a bribe to God. Along with his account, 50 thousand rupees were sent from UPI. Pawan also sent four lakh rupees to the accounts of Kuldeep Singh’s mother, Major Bhavesh’s mother, wife and father. 4.5 lakh and 4.79 lakh rupees, respectively, were transferred to the account of Pragati Singh, a friend of Naib Subedar Kuldeep Singh.

Transaction of bribe amount in lakhs

Investigation revealed that lakhs of rupees worth of bribes reached the military officers or their family members by cash, check, UPI, RTGS or other means. Naib Subedar Kuldeep Singh was paid 50 thousand from UPI along with cash, 1.50 lakh from check. Take Colonel Surendra Singh was given a cash bribe to pass 10-15 candidates. One lakh rupees were transferred from the bank. Major Bhavesh Kumar took bribe to select 10-11 candidates. Funds were sent to the accounts of their family members . According to the news, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered a case against six officers of the rank of lieutenant colonel in the case of alleged corruption in the selection of military officers through the Service Selection Board (SSB).

The  Lieutenant Colonel Bhagavan, who is currently on a study leave and was accompanied by Nayab Subedar Kuldeep Singh, was involved in the rigging at SSB centers. According to the news, Lord Lieutenant Colonel Bhagawan is the alleged leader of the army recruitment racket in the Army Air Defense Corps.

The CBI has raided several places in connection with this case and registered a case against 23 army personnel and common citizens. All of them are accused of taking bribe for recruitment in the army.

Brigadier (Vigilance) in the Indian Army, VK Purohit alleged on February 28 this year that the candidates failed in the medical examination at the base hospital in New Delhi are passed with bribe. After that the CBI is investigating this case. It is believed that the scope of investigation of army recruitment scam can be increased. According to the news, “On March 8, the Supreme Court had set six legal questions in which the court will consider whether the maximum 50 per cent limit for reservation needs to be reconsidered. Should the Indira Sawhney decision setting the 50 per cent limit be sent to a larger bench for reconsideration. It is also to be considered whether since the 102nd amendment of the constitution, the right of states to make laws to provide reservation to backward classes has been disrupted and whether this has affected the policy of the federal structure given in the constitution.

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