August 17, 2022

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Bengaluru woman’s accusation, ‘Zomato deliveryman attacked’, blood flowed from her nose

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Content creator Hitesha Chandrani shared a video on social media in which blood was seen running from her nose.

A woman from the south Indian city of Bengaluru has accused the deliveryman of Food Delivery App Zomato of assaulting her. The woman alleges that he attacked her when she asked the deliveryman the reason for the delay in the order. Content creator Hitesha Chandrani shared a video on social media showing blood running through her nose. According to Hitesha, the injury is the result of an attack by the delivery executive. Reacting to this video, the Food Delivery app, on its official Twitter handle, said, ‘Local representatives will be in touch with you to help in the police investigation.

In the video Hitesha is pointing to her nose saying, ‘My Zomato delivery order was late and I was talking to the executive of Customer Care when the person who came for delivery did this . He hit me and ran away leaving me watching the bleeding. ‘Another video shared later can be seen with Hitesha’s bandage on her nose. He said, ‘I was working since morning and I ordered food from Zomato. I placed the order around 3:30 pm, delivery was expected around 4:30 pm. But my order did not arrive on time, so I was constantly talking to Zomato Customer Care to either give me free delivery or cancel the order. ‘

In a four-minute video shared on Instagram, Hitesha said, ‘During this time Zomato’s delivery boy came. He was very rude in nature. I did not open the entire door, I told him that I am talking about customer care. I told him that I do not want this order because it is too late but he refused to withdraw the order and started shouting. Fearing, I tried to close the door but he pushed the door and punched me with the order and ran away. ‘Meanwhile, Zomato has issued a statement saying that the deliveryman has been removed from the app list. Zomato said in the tweet, ‘We cannot tell how much we have regretted this incident. We will take necessary action and ensure that such incidents do not happen again in future. ‘

 On 12 March,  Zomato Co – founder Deepinder Goyal has responded to the alleged altercation between Bengaluru – based Hitesha Chandranee and one of the company ‘s delivery parterners Kamaraj .He stated the company has reached out to them and is covering Hitesha ‘s medical expenses and Kamaraj ‘s legal expenses. Deepinder added Zomato has temporarily suspended Kamraj from active deliveries , but is covering his earnings .

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