December 6, 2022

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Bijnor: Explosion in illegal firecracker factory killed five, four in critical condition; Relief and rescue work in progress

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In Uttar Pradesh, accidents are taking place as the illegal cracker business continues on its hands. The explosion in a firecracker factory in the midst of the population in Bijnor has claimed five lives while the condition of four is said to be critical. Police and district administration officials are present on the occasion, relief work is going on fast.

On Thursday, a explosion was caused in a house in Jadowala village in Kotwali area of ​​Bijnor district. There was illegal construction of firecrackers in the house here. The explosion was so severe that the house was completely destroyed there, while the bodies of five laborers have been found by chance. Four seriously injured people have been admitted to the district hospital.

The work of searching the dead bodies is going on under the garbage. Along with the fire brigade, the district administration team reached on the spot.

It is being told that the house where the explosion took place has been rented by a person named Yusuf. Firecrackers were being prepared by nine laborers here. It is being told that there was a lock from outside the house. There was a sudden fire in the gunpowder in the afternoon. This caused a tremendous explosion. A part of the house was razed in the explosion. Five laborers died on the spot. The other four working there are quite injured. These people somehow saved their lives by running away.

Yusuf is said to be a licensed firecracker seller. The police arrested Yusuf on the spot after the accident. The four injured have been admitted to the Bijnor District Hospital. Where the police is taking information about the incident from them. PTI

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