December 8, 2022

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Corona Latest Updates LIVE: Record 1,84,372 cases, 1,027 deaths in 24 hours

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Corona Latest Updates LIVE: The situation of corona infection in the country has become uncontrollable. Health services are proving dwarf. According to data from the Union Health Ministry, a record 1,84,372 cases of corona have been reported in the country in the last 24 hours. The daily figure of the dead has also reached 1000 crosses (1027). In this way, the figure for Corona’s total patients has reached 1,38,73,825 so far. There are 13,65,704 active cases. The total death toll has been 1,72,085. Vaccination is also going on and a total of 11,11,79,578 people have undergone the corona vaccine. Meanwhile, a curfew is being imposed in Maharashtra from tonight. This was announced by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray. On the other hand, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain has appealed to the people to leave their homes only when necessary. If necessary, get admitted to the hospital. The government is keeping a record of the availability of beds in Delhi twice a day and it is being updated on the app.

Maharashtra will have a 15-day state-wide curfew. During this period, necessary services will be exempted. Drug shops will be open, there will also be home delivery of medicines and food. Transport facilities will remain operational only for those connected with essential services. E-commerce companies and construction sites are exempted from work. There will be 200 political rallies in the open ground, only 50 percent of people of the capacity are allowed in the hall. At the same time, religious, social, cultural, and political events have been completely banned. Salons, spas, schools, colleges, private coaching centers, beaches, clubs, swimming pools, gyms, cinema halls will remain closed during this period. The shooting of films, TV serials, and commercials has also been banned. As soon as the curfew was announced, it has become difficult for the laborers of other states working in Maharashtra. These laborers have started preparing to go to their homes. Let me tell you, out of 1.66 lakh new cases that have appeared across the country on Tuesday, more than 60 thousand cases have been found in Maharashtra alone.

In view of the situation in Maharashtra, there was a possibility of a lockdown. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray did not announce the complete lockdown while addressing the people of the state through internet media but announced the imposition of curfew for 15 days. The curfew will be effective from eight on Wednesday night and will continue till seven in the morning of May 1.

10 states with the most new cases

1. Maharashtra – 60,212 35.19

2. Uttar Pradesh – 17,963 7.23

3. Delhi – 13,468 7.50

4. Madhya Pradesh – 8,998 3.53

5. Karnataka – 8,778 10.83

6. Kerala – 7,515 11.80

7. Tamil Nadu – 6,984 9.47

8. Gujarat – 6,690 3.60

9. Rajasthan- 5,528 3.75

10. Bengal – 4,817 6.24

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