September 27, 2022

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Covid-19 returns in 2021, Lockdown has been announced in Thane

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In Maharashtra (Maharashtra),  coronavirus does not seem to stop at present.  In Thane (Covid-19) patients are coming out in large numbers, after which the lockdown in Thane has been announced on Monday. 11 hotspots have been identified in Thane, where lockdown will continue from 13 March to 31 March.

“The Chief Minister uddhav thakre  has instructed all administration officers to take a decision on situation ; or  imposing a partial lockdown, increase  testing, or go for a complete lockdown.”

All districts of Maharashtra are seeing the number of daily infections since mid-February. Starting from the Vidarbha region, the spike has spread to Marathwada and now Mumbai, as well. For the last six days, Mumbai has been  1,000 new cases per day.

The  Commissioner of Municipal Corporation of Thane  Vipin Sharma said that the cases of covid-19 have come up very fast in the last few days, due to which this decision is being taken. He told that before this the lockdown which was imposed across the country, the same rules will also be put in this lockdown. The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation, at this moment, is concentrating more on tightening surveillance.  Because of covid -19 nightclubs, wedding venues are sealed . 

If we talk about the cases of covid here till Monday, the number of infected people has increased to 2,69,845 due to the arrival of 780 new cases of covid-19 on Monday. The official said that all new cases were detected on Sunday. With the death of three more people due to infection, the death toll in the district has increased to 6,302. The death rate due to covid-19 in the district is 2.34 percent. So far, 2,56,279 patients have become healthy and the rate of recovery is 94.97 percent. The official said that 7,264 patients are undergoing treatment in Thane.

“In Mumbai, cases are a bit higher. The Chief Minister has instructed all administration officers to take a decision on whatever is necessary; be it imposing a partial lockdown, increasing testing, or go for a complete lockdown,” Shaikh said.

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