October 7, 2022

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Fire broke out at Kanpur’s Cordiology Hospital; 2 patients killed, 147 patient rescued

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A fire broke out on the first floor of the Cardiology Hospital in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on Sunday morning. ICU and General Ward are on this floor. At the time of the accident, 9 patients were being treated in the ICU and 140 in the General Ward. 2 patients of the General Ward died during the rescue. The remaining 147 patients from both wards were shifted to another building. After the fire, the patients were taken out, including the beds, by breaking the glass windows.

The names of the deceased patients were Imam Ali (80) and Tekchandra. Imam Ghatampur was a resident of Nauranga and Tekchandra Hamirpur Rath. According to the family, Tekchandra was on the ventilator and the doctors asked him to take him out as soon as the fire broke out. After this, he said that he has died. At the same time, the family of Imam Ali said that he had difficulty in breathing. He died due to excessive smoke during the rescue.

The commissioner said – two patients died not due to accident

Regarding the deaths of two patients, Kanpur Commissioner Dr. Rajasekhar says that these deaths were not the cause of the accident. Rajasekhar said, ‘As I am getting information. One of the casualties was done at 6.55 minutes before the accident and the second casualty was at 9.21. This patient had a heart problem and was given a pacemaker. The matter is still being investigated. The correct information will be given only after the investigation report is received.

At the same time, ACP Mahendra Singh said that all the patients on the ground floor were evacuated safely. 9 patients were reported trapped on the first floor, but the situation was controlled. Ventilation has been done for the patients by breaking the glass windows.

CM asked for the report of the accident, a committee formed to investigate

Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has sought a report from the concerned officers about the fire in the hospital. Along with this, a high level committee has also been formed for investigation. It consists of DG Fire Service, Commissioner Kanpur Division and Principal Secretary (Medical-Health). The Chief Minister has also given instructions to check the arrangements to deal with the fire in all the hospitals as before.

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